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Dance the Line: Paintings by Karl Benjamin - Publications - Louis Stern Fine Arts

“I am an intuitive painter, despite the ordered appearance of my paintings, and am fascinated by the infinite range of expression inherent in color relationships.” – Karl Benjamin

Infinite would indeed seem to be the appropriate word for the extraordinary range and virtuosity of Karl Benjamin’s work. A dazzling practitioner of what critic Jules Langsner termed hard edge painting and one of the four artists featured in the landmark 1959 Abstract Classicists exhibition, Benjamin fills each canvas with meticulously orchestrated color. Throughout his exemplary 50-year career, Benjamin has re-defined the flat planes of his canvases with an unmistakable joyousness and a ruthlessly disciplined technique. Stripes morph into op art eye candy. Column-like shapes deconstruct themselves as if they were exploding stars. Circles re-align themselves with verticals to create rhythmic sequences worthy of the silkiest jazz imaginable. His intuitive sensitivity to the peculiar union of form and color produces works that inspire equal parts pleasure and respect: an artist’s artist and a collector’s delight.

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