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Louise Belcourt

Louise Belcourt,  Mound #6 , 2011, oil on panel, 22 x 26 inches; 55.9 x 66 centimeters

Louise Belcourt, Mound #6, 2011, oil on panel, 22 x 26 inches; 55.9 x 66 centimeters



Artist Biography

Born in Montreal, Canada, Louise Belcourt now splits her time between Baie-des-Sables, Quebec and Brooklyn, New York. The impetus for the Belcourt’s work comes from the outdoors, mingling architectural and natural forms to play with spatial and coloristic expectations. In the artist’s own words: “Things outside myself help me feel myself and this is what I paint. I am after a palatable sense of ‘realness’ and wish to locate this in as clear of a way as possible.”

Paintings by Belcourt are neither about landscape nor abstraction but concerned with the visual idiom inherent to each. Belcourt has referred to her work as “paintings of sculptures of landscapes,” indicating their layered complexity of seeing and thinking. An extension of her on-going focus on hedges – inspired by the monumental hedges found at Métis-sur-Mer in northeastern Quebec on the shores of the St. Lawrence River – the Mounds series, begun in 2011, delve into a deeper abstraction as “muscular geometric shapes piled up in her trademark cool palette.”

Among her numerous awards and grants, Belcourt has received the New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship (2015), the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship (2012), and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant (2000). As a visiting lecturer, Belcourt has spoken at the New York Studio Program (Brooklyn, NY), State University of New York, Purchase, and Concordia University (Montreal, Canada). Work by Belcourt is housed in such collections as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; Le Ministre des Communautés Culturelles et de L’Immigration, Government of Quebec; Council for the Estate of Francis Picabia, Paris; and the Fleming Museum at the University of Vermont.