London in the 60s

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Louis Stern Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition exchange with Flowers Gallery in London, England. Taking place this summer, the exhibitions in the two galleries will focus on the diverse forms of abstraction taking place in Britain and California in the 1960s. 


On view at Louis Stern Fine Arts will be an exhibition of works by leading British abstract painters Bernard Cohen, Richard Smith, and Michael Kidner, whose pioneering and formally innovative work helped define the vibrant cultural scene of London in the 1960s. 

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On view in London at Flowers Gallery will be a selection of works by gallery artists Helen Lundeberg, Lorser Feitelson, and Karl Benjamin. These three artists were active in the Los Angeles area, and heavily influenced the California art scene during the 60s. 

Flowers Gallery
82 Kingsland Road
London E2 8DP