Heather Hutchison - CV

Heather Hutchison | Curriculum Vitae


2012            Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Grant

2011            Gottlieb Foundation, Individual Support Grant

2009            New York Foundation for the Arts, S.O.S. Grant for Dissolution, an installation at The Samuel Dorsky Museum.



2017            Louis Stern Fine Art, "Heather Hutchison: Glowing" Los Angeles, CA

2016            Winston Wachter Fine Art, "Heather Hutchison; What I Learned From the Sky" New York, NY

2015            Lesley Heller Workspace, "In This Light; Stuart Arends, Heather Hutchison, Maria Walker" New York, NY

2014            Cross Contemporary Art,  "Heather Hutchison; Here Now," Saugerties, NY

                  WFG Gallery, "50/50; Heather Hutchison / Mark Thomas Kanter" Woodstock, NY

2013            Imogen Holloway Gallery, “Occupied Space”, Saugerties, NY (Installation)

2012            Imogen Holloway Gallery, "Hot Flash", Saugerties, NY (Installation)

2011            WFG Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, Studies in Light, 1991-2011" Woodstock, NY

2010            Conrad Wilde , "Radiance: Light, Space, Perception; Heather Hutchison, Carrie Seid, Lori Mar" Tucson, AZ

2009            Samuel Dorsky Museum, "Dissolution", New Paltz, NY (Installation)

                  State University of New York at Ulster, Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, "Heather Hutchison &  Mark Thomas Kanter; Fighting, Dancing & Standing Still", Stone Ridge, NY

2008            Spheris, "Heather Hutchison / Gary Haven Smith", Hanover, NH

2007            Kleinert James Center for the Arts, "Black and Light", Woodstock, NY (Installation)

2006          Margaret Thatcher Projects, "Heather Hutchison, Night as Clear as Day", New York, NY

2003          Margaret Thatcher Projects, "Heather Hutchison, Sheer Painting", New York, NY

1997            Knoedler Gallery, "Invitational, Deborah Ascheim, John Evans, Heather Hutchison, Mary Judge", New York, NY

                  Galerie Extra Moenia, “Heather Hutchison, Paul Manes, Roberto Pietrosanti,” Todi, Italy

1995            Nohra Haime Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, Daily Thoughts for Daily Needs", New York, NY

1994            Nohra Haime Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, Translucid Passages", New York, NY

1993            Patricia Shea Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, Bold as Love", Los Angeles, CA

                  Nohra Haime Gallery, “Heather Hutchison/ Susana-Jaime Mena”, New York, NY

                  Tavelli Gallery, “Larry Bell/ Heather Hutchison,” Aspen, CO

1992            Shea & Bornstein Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, Cross-Currents", Los Angeles, CA

1991            Jamison Thomas Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, Five Easy Pieces", New York, NY

                  Tom Tavelli Gallery, “Three Women,” Aspen,CO

1990            Jamison Thomas Gallery, "Heather Hutchison, The Density Series", New York, NY

1989            Bess Cutler Gallery, "Heather Hutchison", New York, NY


2016            The Painters Gallery, "Luminance", Fleischmanns, NY 

                  Brick Gallery, "Cowgirls", Catskill, NY

2015            Jeffrey Thomas Fine Art, "Sum of the Parts", Portland, OR

                  CHHS Projects, "Excavate", Widow Jane Mine, Stone Ridge, NY, Curator Laura Johansen

2014            An Exhibition in Print "Encaustic Works: nuance", Curated by Michelle Stuart

                  Aaron Payne Fine Art, "Summer Selections 2014", Santa Fe, NM

                  Cross Contemporary, "Collections", Saugerties, NY, Curator Jen Dragon

                  Imogene Holloway Gallery, "From the Vault", Saugerties, NY

                  Sideshow Gallery, "Sideshow Nation; The Alamo", Williamsburg, NY

2013            Nohra Haime Gallery, "Actions or Interventions", New York, NY

                  art space 64 @ MEMORIAL SLOAN-KETTERING, “Natural Elements”, NY, NY. Curator Holly Shen Chaves

                  Sideshow Gallery, “Sideshow Nation”, Williamsburg, NY. Curator Rich Timperio

                  WFG Gallery, “These Animals are Driving me to Abstraction”, Woodstock, NY

2012            Imogene Holloway Gallery,“Zoom In”, Saugerties, NY. Curator Diane Dwyer

                  Kleinert-James Art Center, “The Sky is Falling”, Woodstock, NY. Curator Alan Baer

2011            McKenzie Gallery, "Plane Speaking", New York, NY. Curator Valerie McKenzie

                College of the Canyons Gallery, "Obsessive/ Reductive", Santa Clarita, CA. Curator Peter Barrett

                  Sideshow, "It's All Good (Apocolypse Now)", Brooklyn, NY. Curator Rich Timperio

                  Brik Gallery, "18+1". Catskill, NY

                  Karma Tryana Dharmachakra Monastery, "Living Here", Woodstock, NY. Curator Cate Woodruff


2010            Nohra Haime Gallery, "Metamorphosis", New York, NY

                  Sideshow, "It's a Wonderful 10th", Brooklyn, NY. Curator Richard Timperio

2009            Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of N Y,  "ECOTONES AND TRANSITION ZONES", New Paltz, NY.                Curator Brian Wallace

                  Nohra Haime Gallery, "Intangible Mood", New York, NY

Nohra Haime Gallery, "Layered/ Boxed", New York, NY

Sideshow, "It's a Wonderful Life", Brooklyn, NY. Curator Richard Timperio

2008            33 Bond Gallery,  "The Idea of Nature", New York, NY. Curator Bill Weiss

                  Pentimente Gallery, " Summer Journeys, Summer Dreams," Philadelphia, PA. Curator Christine Pfister

                  The Hogar Collection, "Obsessive/ Reductive," Brooklyn, NY. Curator Peter Barrett

    Kleinert James Art Center, Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild, "Blue",  Woodstock, NY. Curator Portia Munson

    The Fisher Studio at Bard College," Regarding Global Warming and Climate Change," NY. Curator Sigrid Sandstrom

    Margaret Thatcher Projects, “Re-Mix,” New York, NY

Sideshow, "Peace,"  Brooklyn, NY. Curator Richard Timperio

2007            Marcia Wood Gallery, "Luxe, Calme, et Volupté," Atlanta, GA. Curator Joanne Mattera

Sideshow, "War is Over Again," Brooklyn, NY

                  Margaret Thatcher Projects, Pulse, Miami, FL

2006            Winston Wachter Fine Art, "Please Do Not Touch," New York, NY.

                  Brik Gallery, "Cowgirls of The Hudson Valley," Catskill, NY

Winston Wachter Fine Art, “Lights,”  Seattle, WA

Kleinert-James Art Center,  “7+14,”  Woodstock, NY

2005          Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of N YNew Paltz,, NY.Curator Laura Moriarty

Gavin Brown Enterprises, Passerby, “Hope”, New York, NY

The Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College, “This is not an archive.  This must be the place,” Annandale-on Hudson, NY. Curators Bard CCS students

2002          Margaret Thatcher Projects, “Breathing Room,” New York, NY

Kenise Barnes Fine Art, “Ordinate/Coordinate,” Larchmont, NY

2000            Knoxville Museum of Art, “Waxing Poetic: Encaustic Art in America,” Knoxville, TN. Curator Gail Stavitsky                          

                  Kenise Barnes Fine Art, “Melting Pot,” Larchmont, NY

1999            Otis College of Art and Design, “Transparent Facade, “ Los Angeles, CA. Curator Fran Siegel

                  The Montclair Art Museum, “Waxing Poetic: Encaustic Art in America,” Montclair, NJ. Curator Gail Stavitsky

University of Rhode Island Fine Arts Center, “Gridlock, Concerning the Grid in Contemporary Art,” Kingston, RI. Curator Judith Tolnick

1998          Marymount Manhattan College Gallery, “Get Close, “ New York, NY

                  Dumbo Arts Center, “Section 33,” Brooklyn, NY. Curator Joy Glidden

                  Sideshow Gallery Inc., “Regatta 98 (Miraculously Sublime)”, Brooklyn, NY. Curator Richard Timperio

The Work Space, “Transparent Facade,” New York, NY. Curator Fran Siegel

1997            Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Pallazzo Penna, “New York Next Generation,”Perugia,Italy. Curator Barbara Rose

                  Condeso-Lawler Gallery, “Peeling a Grape,” New York, NY. Curator Margaret Thatcher

1995            The Brooklyn Museum, “Permanent Collection Exhibition,” Brooklyn,NY. Curator Charlotta Kotik

The Corcoran Gallery of Art, 44th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting,  “Painting Outside Painting,” Washington, DC. Curator Teri Sultan

                  Elga Wimmer Gallery, “Minimal: Optimal,” Part 1 New York, NY

                  Greystone Gallery, “Exemplary Images,” San Francisco, CA

                  Nohra Haime Gallery, “Wax,” New York, NY

The Workspace, “Down The Garden Path,” New York, NY. Curator Lesley Heller

1994            Patrice Landau Gallery, "Burning!", New York, NY

Art Miami, Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

1993            Elga Wimmer Gallery, “As Above, So Below,” New York, NY

Nohra Haime Gallery, “Intuitive Perceptions,” New York, NY

                  Art Miami, Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY  

                  The Art Show, ADAA, , Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

                  FIAC, Paris, France.  Nohra Haime Gallery, New York, NY

1992          Elga Wimmer Gallery, “Transparency and Shape,” New York, NY. Curator Christopher French

                  Sunrise Museum, “New York Selections,” Charlestown, West Virginia

                  Chicago International Art Expo 1992, Jamison Thomas Gallery, New York, NY

Jamison Thomas Gallery, “Cross-Currents,” Portland, OR

1991            Atlanta Arts Festival, “Current Minimalist,” Atlanta, GA

HOME for Contemporary Theatre, “Home for June,” New York, NY. Curator Eric Oppenheim

                  Jamison Thomas Gallery, “Compulsion,” New York, NY. Curator Jeffrey Thomas

                  L.A. Art Fair, Jamison Thomas Gallery, New York, NY

Jamison Thomas Gallery, “Intimate Relations,” New York, NY

                  Chicago International Art Fair, Jamison Thomas Gallery, New York, NY

1990            Nohra Haime Gallery, “Homage to the Square,” New York, NY

                  Jamison Thomas Gallery "New Work by Gallery Artists", New York, NY

                  L.A. Art Fair, Jamison Thomas Gallery, New York, NY

1989          Jamison Thomas Gallery, “Art of the Contemporary Triptych,” New York, NY

                  Bess Cutler Gallery, "December Group Show," New York, NY

                  H.B.O.  Inc. Headquarters, "Contemporary Abstract Paintings, Forms and Variations," New York, NY



                  The Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

  The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

  The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Harvard Business School, Schwartz Art Collection, Boston, MA

                  Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock Arkansas

Art in Embassies, Beijing, China   

Avampato Discovery Museum, Charlestown, West Virginia

SAP America, Wayne, PA

Readers Digest, Pleasantville, NY

Brooklyn Union Gas, Brooklyn, NY

Bliss Art, Chicago, IL

                  IDS Financial Services, Minneapollis, MN

Cooper Fund, Chicago, ILL

Cantor-Fitzgerald, New York, NY



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